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Menopause Products for Natural Menopause Relief 

There are many menopause products and natural menopause remedies for women who don't want HRT.  There is no panacea, no “cure” for menopause.  There are vitamins, herbs and other supplements that can help with many symptoms.  There are menopause pajamas, there are bioidentical hormone creams and weight loss programs and products.

Some of these products will surprise you with how well they work for you.  Others will disappoint.  As long as you remember that there is no “cure” for menopause, you should not believe anyone who says their product works 100% of the time, or other such outlandish claims.  

Even most drugs don't work 100% of the time.  Menopause is a transition from one hormonal state to another.  

Check back often to find out about new offerings.

Recommended Herbs for Menopause

There are many herbs that can help with menopausal symptoms.  Some herbs will give you added nutritional support, some herbs help your liver process all those excess hormones, some will help with hormone imbalance and some will help with specific symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia.