Perimenopause Herbs
Natural Remedies for Perimenopause

Perimenopause herbs can help with insomnia, mood swings, and anxiety. There are perimenopause herbs for hot flashes, and herbs containing phytoestrogens to help balance hormones.

Common symptoms of perimenopause include insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes and more.

You have probably heard quite a bit about the decline of estrogen and menopause. In fact, progesterone is the hormone that first begins declining during perimenopause, at least for most women. Estrogen may even increase during this time. Then, about a year before menopause, estrogen decline begins. As these hormones begin to decline, two other hormones, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone (LH and FSH) begin to rise in an attempt to get your body to produce more progesterone and estrogen. It is thought that this hormonal havoc is what gives you your perimenopausal symptoms. Fortunately you can start making healthy changes now to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

Herbs to Help with Hormone Imbalance

The reason I love herbs is because they act on your whole system, rather than isolating some activity in your body and trying to stop it or stimulate it. Although there are herbs for certain symptoms, such as insomnia, in general, herbs act on your whole body.

A good example of this is phytoestrogenic herbs. These herbs will help your body do whatever it needs to do: if it needs to make more of certain hormones, these herbs will help it do that, and if it needs to decrease certain hormone levels, these herbs will help it do that as well. Herbs with phytoestrogens that you can use safely on a daily basis include dandelion, hops, nettles, and red clover.

Other herbs with phytoestrogens include black cohosh, vitex (also called chasteberry), dong quai, motherwort, and wild yam. These herbs can also be taken daily during your Change.

Evening Primrose Oil is another menopause herbal treatment that can help with fatigue, joint pain, PMS symptoms, hot flashes and more. For more information and dosage, see menopause evening primrose oil.

Perimenopause Herbs for Digestive Issues include hops, gentian, ginger and herbs for stress, because stress affects digestion before many other human systems. See menopause and digestion to find out more about these herbs.

Herbs for Insomnia include valerian, vervain, hops, chamomile, scullcap and motherwort

This is also a good time to support your liver with herbs. Your liver has to process all the extra hormones that your body is producing, and there are several herbs that can help your liver do a better job. See menopause and digestion for herbs and information.

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