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Bloating, Indigestion, Food Sensitivities Getting You Down?
November 06, 2016


Have you noticed digestive problems now that you are entering the menopausal years?

I used to have an iron stomach -- I could eat anything.

Then around age 49, I started getting bloated every time I ate bread or pasta (two of my favorite foods back then), so I quit eating them.

That worked for awhile. Fast forward to now (15 years later) and I am bloated all the time. Everything I eat has me bloated.

I won't get into all the details here about what I've learned about digestive issues during that time, or what I've tried. That is for another post.

The bottom line is this: your digestion suffers if you are under stress, if your hormones are changing, and/or if you aren't eating well. And let's face it, it's very hard to eat well these days.

If you are eating processed foods, and most of us are, you could be damaging your digestion.

The good news is you can heal. It may take time and work, but our bodies are enormously resourceful when we treat them right.

One of the easiest and best remedies for overall healing of the digestive system is to eat bone broth regularly. Homemade bone broth.

I know, I know, you don't have time to make it. Or you don't have the energy. Or even the idea of making it sends you into overwhelm (I've been there).

But what if you made it in a crockpot? Letting the pot do most of the work for you?

You throw the chicken in, cook it for 4-5 hours, pull it out to remove the meat, and then cook the bones for another 12-24 hours, and you're done!

I'll show you how! I've put together a ten-minute class, Bone Broth in a Crockpot: Easy, Healthy, and Delicious

Bone broth is fundamental to healing leaky gut, which is often the cause of food sensitivities.

It can normalize stomach acid, which means if you have too much, it helps you make less, and if you don't have enough, it helps you make more.

It can help you digest protein more easily.

It can even help smooth out wrinkles in your skin!

If you are ready to feel better, and willing to take ten minutes to learn how, click the link above to listen to the Introduction and enroll in the class. It's FREE.

To your health,


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