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The quick and easy way to stop overeating
August 09, 2015


Yes, there really is an easy way to stop overeating, or eating foods that contribute to weight gain.

I know, because I overeat habitually; but as I recently discovered, it is only at certain times in my life.

Okay, maybe you won’t consider it easy. But it can certainly be simple.

Are you ready?

Here’s the answer.

Feed yourself.

If you are overeating, maybe you are trying to feed something other than your body.

Maybe you have spiritual hunger.

Or emotional hunger.

Maybe you are hungry for social interaction.

Or maybe you want to feel valued, for who you are, or for what you’re doing.

Whatever it is for you – if you feed that hunger, your desire to fill it with food will diminish or disappear entirely.

This weekend I spent three days in a personal growth seminar. It fed my spirit.

In my thirties, I spent several years working in the personal growth industry, and years before that taking courses and volunteering in that industry. I did not overeat during those years. I was happy with my weight.

I overate before that time, and I overate after that time.

During the three days of the event this last weekend, I discovered how deeply that can impact my eating behavior.

The course went longer than expected the first night, and I was tired and wanted to get to my hotel room, so I skipped dinner and had a couple of Kind bars (I just discovered these – they are delicious, and low in sugar and other unwanted ingredients).

Some of you may consider that dinner.

Not me. Dinner is sitting down with some form of protein and a vegetable. Maybe with a tortilla, or a potato. And if I’m overeating, always a tortilla, or two, or a large potato. And maybe dessert.

The second night I was expecting to go late, but I did not expect to not care about dinner, for the second night in a row. Again, I had a couple of Kind bars and went to bed.

The third night, I ran out of time trying to get my rental car returned and getting on the plane. So, a third night with no dinner. Just some nuts, and, yes, a Kind bar.

I have not skipped dinner since, probably my twenties.

I don’t know if I’ve EVER skipped dinner, except when I was sick in bed with the flu, which doesn’t happen more than once every few years, if that.

But here is what I learned from that: I had no idea how much of an impact that spiritual hunger was having on my eating behavior (and I’ve lost over 30 pounds and kept it off, so I eat pretty well most of the time!). I didn’t even KNOW I was hungry in that way.

What is it for you?

Have you had times in your life when you were happy with your weight?

What was different?

What was present then that isn’t there now?

What is present now that wasn’t there then?

What do you love to do?

What feeds you?

Do that.

And watch those pounds fall away.

With gratitude,


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