I recently started using progesterone cream again. I had my last period about a year and a half ago, and was thinking that I would no longer need progesterone cream. However, I was doing some research for the website, and re-reading about it made me realize that I could still benefit from using it.

I have high blood pressure and do not want to take medication for it. I have tried many supplements and remedies, with only mild, intermittent success. I have been most successful with losing weight, but the farther I get away from having periods, the harder it gets to lose weight.

When I read (again) that progesterone cream may help lower blood pressure (because estrogen dominance can cause weight gain and high blood pressure), I went to my bedroom and pulled out my last tube of unused cream. Within four days my blood pressure went from 164/89 to 148/73! While I still believe that using the least intrusive remedies is best, sometimes you need to take more drastic action.

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