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Dont' let sugar sabotage your weight loss
July 22, 2015

Yesterday I picked up some Aidell’s Spicy Mango and Jalapeno chicken sausage at the grocery store.

After I put my first sausage in the pan to heat, I decided to look at the label to see if there was any “hidden” dairy in it.

As I started reading the ingredients, I started to get really annoyed.

The second ingredient (they are listed in order of highest weight ingredient first) was dried mango, which consisted of mango and CANE SUGAR, and the fourth ingredient was dehydrated SUGAR CANE SYRUP.

After my gasp of surprise, I quickly looked at the grams of sugar in a serving, and it was 9 grams -- that’s more sugar than there is in two Chips Ahoy cookies!

When I bought that sausage, it was my intention to receive an easy to prepare, tasty protein made of chicken.

It was NOT to get dessert along with it.

What’s the big deal about a few grams of sugar, you may be thinking?

The big deal is, there is scientific evidence (see the Study on sugar and weight gain ) that eating more sugar leads to gaining weight, and eating less leads to losing weight.

And, sugar is in almost everything these days.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to managing my weight, I need all the help I can get.

I am sure I have looked at Aidell sausage labels in the past, but I never bought the mango combination, so I never looked at that label.

So, always read your labels. In addition to avoiding sugar, there are other benefits.

Like knowing what’s in your food.

As our food supply gets farther and farther from being real food, and the choices at the grocery store expand to the point of ridiculousness, one of the musts for being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is to know what you are eating.

So ditch the sugar and read your labels!

Wishing you health and happiness,


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Candice Jones Hughes

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