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Emerita Progesterone Cream

Today's progesterone creams became widely available in the late 1990's. Emerita progesterone cream was first formulated in 1978. According to Pricegrabber.com , “It's the only natural progesterone cream that's been clinically tested.”

Another website stated that tests were performed on certain creams that did not contain the amount of progesterone claimed on the package, so it is important to choose carefully. Emerita's cream is paraben-free and available in a 2-oz and 4-oz size. It is one of the creams recommended on the Dr. John Lee website (Dr. Lee died in 2003).

Emerita is a company with a conscience. The company partners with Whole Food Market's Whole Planet Foundation it is environmentally responsible, it does not test on animals, AND it is woman-owned!

Using progesterone may help reduce hot flashes, reduce or eliminate insomnia, increase energy, support your thyroid and more. See symptoms of low progesterone for more information. You can also read how to use progesterone cream for menopause to learn about dosage and application.

Progesterone cream can be used by itself or in combination with bioidentical estrogen replacement. For information about the difference between “natural” and traditional hormone replacement, see bioidentical progesterone,  bioidentical hormone therapy 

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