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Homeopathic Menopause Treatment

Homeopathic menopause treatment is another way to use natural remedies for menopause symptoms.  Samuel Hahnemann is the founder of homeopathy.  This healing system is used all over the world and has been around for two hundred years.  

Homeopathy is a type of energetic medicine.  Other forms of energetic medicine include flower essences, crystal healing, acupuncture and more.  Energetic healing, even though some forms have been around for two hundred years or more, may not be considered legitimate by today's mainstream medicine, which is allopathic medicine.  

Dr. Gabriel Cousins, in the introduction to Vibrational Medicine (Gerber, 1988), says, “Even the idea of energy is a concept.  If those within the mass consciousness of medicine were able to remember that the Newtonian mechanistic approach is also only a model based on two-hundred-year-old concepts, the transition to the Einsteinian quantum model would be taking place with much less resistance.  It is unfortunate that mainstream medicine still acts as if it believes the Newtonian concepts—that have proven to be an inaccurate model  for the last 50 years—are real.”

What are homeopathic remedies?

“Homeopathic remedies are generally dilutions of natural substances from plants, minerals, and animals.  Based on the principal of 'like cures like,' these remedies specifically match different symptom patterns or 'profiles' of illness, and act to stimulate the body's natural healing response.”  (The Burton Goldberg Group, 1993)

Homeopathic Menopause Treatment

The homeopathic viewpoint of what causes menopausal symptoms is not one I have heard elsewhere, and it makes more sense to me than some other explanations I have heard, such as the idea that women cannot function normally without maintaining levels of estrogen and progesterone similar to those present before menopause.

“Homeopathic view of menopausal problems is that they represent imbalances that have been present for a long time:  treatment is therefore constitutional, although the remedies and self-help measures ...should be tried first.”  (Lockie, 1989)

Here are just a few remedies for a few symptoms of menopause. Please note: Some plants are useful both as homeopathic and herbal medicines, however, the actions are different for each type of medicine.  Damiana's herbal actions are not the same as it's homeopathic actions, and may not even be used for the same conditions.

Homeopathic Menopause Treatment for Hormone Imbalance

According to Joseph Collins, N.D. In Discover Your Menopause Type, homeopathic remedies can be used to correct hormone imbalance.  Damiana, Ignatia, lecithin, Sabal serrulata, or Zincum metallicum can help with symptoms of low testosterone.  Vitex agnus-castus may help with symptoms of low progesterone and  Cantharis, Causticum, Graphites, juniper and Apis mellifica may improve symptoms related to low estrogen.

Hot Flashes

If you have headaches, heart palpitations and sweating, Lachesis is the homeopathic menopause remedy for you.  Belladonna is best if you have alternating heat with chills and a burning sensation, especially from the head.


If you can't sleep because your mind is overactive, use Coffea.

If overeating is affecting your sleep, try Nux vomica.  This remedy also works if you are restless, irritable and are walking around instead of sleeping.

Pulsatilla is good for restless sleep.

Vaginal Dryness

Uriel Pharmacy has a product called Argentum Calendula.  From it's website:  “For temporary relief of vaginal dryness due to menopause or post-menopause, fill the applicator provided and apply as needed. This ointment has an organic olive oil base; not recommended for use with latex condoms.” Uriel Pharmacy

There are many more remedies for these conditions and others, with specific symptom pictures.  I would suggest getting a book such as The Family Guide to Homeopathy if you are interested in learning more.


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