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Hot Flashes After Menopause

Many women continue to have hot flashes after menopause.  I am one of them.  I wish I could give you information about why some women have this problem, but as of now (May, 2011) there are no answers.  We still don't even know what causes hot flashes, although there is plenty of speculation about it being related to lower estrogen levels.  

If you are still having hot flashes years after menopause, you can use the same remedies to try to reduce or eliminate them.  Even though I still have the hot flashes, they are not nearly as disruptive and uncomfortable as they used to be.

Try changing your diet around, especially if you have other health complaints or are trying to lose weight.  Some women will be healthier and feel better eating more protein and less carbohydrates.  Others will feel better with just the opposite:  more carbohydrates and less protein.  Stimulants such as coffee and sugar can trigger hot flashes after menopause.  

If you don't take vitamins, this might be a good time to try them out.  A good daily vitamin/mineral supplement can make a world of difference.  Just keep in mind that you need the highest quality supplements to make a difference.  You can't just grab something at your local discount store and expect it to help.  In fact, any supplements that contain synthetic forms of vitamins, especially D and E, must be avoided because they are toxic.  You need the natural forms.  

The form of vitamin D that is healthy is D3, cholecalciferol.  Do not take D2 or any other form of D.  The best way to take vitamin E (which may help your hot flashes) is in a form that gives you all of the tocotrienols and tocopherols.  Most vitamin E on the market is just alpha tocopherol, natural or synthetic.  For more information about multivitamins, see menopause vitamins

For more information about vitamins and other remedies for hot flashes after menopause, see vitamins for hot flashes and hot flash remedy

rogesterone cream has also helped some women with hot flashes.  And bioidentical estrogen may help as well.  For information on this, see bioidentical progesterone and natural estrogen replacement

Please, do not take soy supplements for hot flashes.  For more information, see soy and menopause

And finally, as I was reminded by an email from a menopausal river runner today, “don't fight the current.”  She goes on to say that it won't work anyway.  Words of wisdom that I'm sorry to say I don't remember often enough.  Go with the flow.  Your body is changing.  What are your hot flashes telling you?  Slow down?  Relax? Or maybe, try something new?  

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