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How to Use Natural Progesterone Cream with Irregular Periods?

by Connie
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

So how do you begin using this cream when you cannot tell when you are ovulating? I am 46 and missed my period for 11 months last year then I got it for 2 and now I have missed it for 2 months again.

I am so hot almost all of the time. I am also hypothyroid and my medication doesn't seem to be working at all. My hair looks awful, its thin, dull and falling out. I have also developed Hand Eczema as well. I just feel terrible.

I had some tests done a couple years ago and apparently I have fibroid tumors too. My Dr. said they were caused by "estrogen dominance" but we're not going to do anything about it because my estrogen will decrease naturally as I get older and the fibroids will go away. Meanwhile I am stuck in hot flash mode for the past year and a half.

I am so tired, yet I am lucky to sleep through for more than 2 hours a night. I am irritable, tired and I need to do something quick! If someone could explain how I begin taking this when I cannot tell when I am in ovulation mode I would feel more confident about buying it. Thank You!


Hi Connie,

Thanks for your question.

If your periods were regular, you would use the cream between days 12 and 26 of your cycle. Menopausal women can use the cream for fourteen to twenty-one days per month, and the starting date doesn't matter.

Since you have missed so many periods, you may be almost to menopause, and the start date won't matter that much. I suggest you get checked out by your doctor first to make sure you aren't skipping periods for some other reason. There are other remedies for balancing hormones which you could try first, such as maca root, wild yam, and vitex (chasteberry)

Progesterone cream may or may not help with hot flashes. Do not underestimate the power of food and diet on hot flashes. I still have them (it's going on five years now) and I knew that coffee triggered them, but I have recently discovered that having sugar in my diet makes me feel much hotter than when I avoid sugar. For more about hot flashes and natural remedies, see hot flash remedy.

If you are in fact estrogen-dominant, the bioidentical progesterone may help you sleep better, which will also help your irritability. There are also herbs that can help with this. See herbs for menopause for herbs that help with stress, and can also help with sleep.

I am concerned about your thyroid issues. The standard medical treatment for hypothyroid is insufficient for many people. I have personal experience with this, and it is critical that you find an open-minded doctor who will treat you based on symptoms over a lab report, especially just a TSH lab report. For more on this, see thyroid and menopause

I hope this answers your question about how to use natural progesterone with irregular periods, and that you find some natural remedies to support your transition.

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