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I invite odd looks and I just hate it

by Prakruti
(Bangalore, India)

I have always considered that I am very fortunate to be a woman. According to me, a woman is the personification of kindness, warmth, affection, understanding and hospitality. A woman, who undergoes all the three stages in life that is, being a daughter, wife, and mother in that order, can be called a complete woman. When you have gone through all these phases, it becomes easy to empathize with another woman, whoever she may be.

My parents, husband and children dote on me and I have great friends too! I have always maintained excellent health and I am a super mum bubbling with energy anytime of the day. But, since the last 12 months or so, I have been troubled by dreadful symptoms. I become irritable easily. One moment I am excited and exuberant and next moment, I behave like a deflated balloon sans interest.

I may be sitting in an air conditioned room but suddenly my face turns beet root red, entire body starts experiencing pricking sensation, as if somebody is poking me with hundreds of needles and added to this, there is profuse perspiration. I invite odd looks and I just hate it. It has been going on for some time now. Worst part is, I have to just think of it and it will happen anywhere and anytime.

Initially, I didn’t realize the cause but later my mom told me that it could be the onset of menopause. I am only praying fervently that this phase passes soon and so that I can be my old self again.

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