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I would get upset about things that normally wouldn’t irritate me

by Jennifer J
(Portland, ME)

It’s not hard to remember my initial signs of menopause. They started in the middle of a cold New England winter. I was sleeping in bed and woke up feeling like I was burning hot. My neck was clammy. I knew that something was going on in my body and that it wasn’t the flu. My husband could feel the heat radiating off of my body. The room wasn’t hot at all, but I felt like I was in the desert in August.

The next time this happened I was sitting on the couch. My face became flush and I felt like I was so hot that I could just take off all of my clothes right then and there. These episodes happened periodically and came and went without reason. For example, I could be driving home from work and feel the heat wash over me in a wave.

The hot flashes were just one part for me though. I also felt that I was more sensitive. I would get upset about things that normally wouldn’t irritate me. When I began to realize that I was probably starting menopause I was nervous and scared, almost a little crazy.

I was only in my early thirties. I didn’t know what to expect. But after I visited my doctor and talk to some other women, I felt better. I found some ways to deal with some of my symptoms. And for the symptoms I couldn’t change or really manage, knowing what was happening at least gave me some peace of mind.

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