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My Experience with Bioidentical Progestrone is Migraines

My blood progesterone level is 0.21 I have been on bioidentical estrogen and bioidentical progesterone cream for about 3 years. Lately I get migraine headaches every time I use my creams. My M.D ordered my last progesterone cream at 200mg. per 1ml. I had been on 20mg per ml.

She did not check my levels until I called and requested them to be done, because of the HA. I have not used the 200mg per 1ml yet. Is that too much? I cannot stand migraines, and also I have high blood pressure when I do not take my hormones. What do I need to do? Thank You

Candice's Answer

Thank you for your question. Although progesterone is generally associated with more relaxed muscles and easier sleep, I also experienced headaches when I had used the cream for several years.

This is one of several progesterone side effects when you are out of balance with estrogen. Once I stopped taking the bioidentical progesterone, the headaches went away.

As for your high blood pressure, it would be helpful to know how high it is. Also, I am surprised that the hormone creams lower it – I did not have that experience. There are some nutrients that can help with high blood pressure. One is l-tryptophan. You can take 500mg at night before bed.

Natural Remedies for Menopause and High Blood Pressure

I have had high blood pressure since I became menopausal several years ago. The only thing that has lowered it consistently is losing weight. I tried many natural remedies, from homeopathics to vitamins and supplements. Most seemed to work for awhile, but then my pressure would rise again.

I originally went up to 185/100, but fortunately that did not last long. With supplements, I usually could keep it below 160-164 (still way too high), but after losing 30 pounds, the top number now stays in the 150s. My diastolic (the bottom number) is usually 80 or below now. Still too high for the systolic, but as I lose more weight I expect it to get lower.

If you don't need to lose weight, some of these supplements might work better for you. Garlic is a well-known supplement for lowering blood pressure.

You can also try to get more potassium in your diet. For more about this issue, see menopause and high blood pressure.

If you do have some weight to lose, I suggest reading my page on menopause and weight gain. I am constantly learning about the causes of obesity and overweight, and they are NOT calories in/calories out as so many health professionals will tell you. For an in-depth exploration of this, read Gary Taubes' new book, Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It

Lastly, if you can get your MD to listen, that is the best way to determine what is best. However, if you CANNOT get the MD to listen, especially since you know your body better than he she does, I would recommend trying to find another doctor. When it comes to hormones and high blood pressure, a good MD can help you make the best choice, but only if they are open-minded and they are listening to you.

I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you. I hope what I have given you is helpful.

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