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My Favorite Hot Flash Remedy

by Nuri Palacios
(Canary Islands)

Hot Flashes !!! Ufffff I know what they can be in our life...
My best choices are Natural Medicine, Healthy Life and YOGA !!!!

Please try SARVANGHASANA it´s an asana that helps to reduce the inner heat and relaxes your brain.
Very important; You must practice SARVANGHASANA EVERYDAY with the right supports, blankets, belt, and practice for NO LESS THAN 5 MINS.
this will lower the heat and relax your head...

Never practice yoga without professional or certificate supervision, especially all the asanas that are inverted. This asana is a Shoulder Stand Posture.

Try it - the results are magnificent for hot flashes.

Along with Yoga try Dong Quai, Cimicifuga (black cohosh) every morning, and the Cream, at night before going to bed.


Thank you, Nuri. Yoga is an excellent way of relieving many menopausal symptoms, as well as a nurturing and healthy lifestyle choice. I also agree with your choice of herbs to reduce hot flash intensity and/or frequency. For more about dose information and appropriate herb use, see my individual pages on dong quai and black cohosh (under Remedies - herbs).

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