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My mouth dried up and I thought I was dying:)

by Beverly
(Arlington, WA USA)

I have a history of being anxious and two years ago I thought that I was having a ton of panic attacks. Then one day I realized what I thought was panic was actually a very dry mouth which would sometimes make it difficult to swallow which in turn would cause much anxiety...the proverbial dog chasing its tail...

When I realized this I went to the doctors to try to figure out what was wrong. Nothing, they said. As time progressed it got better and so did I. then I found myself in the emergency room because "it felt like I had medium sized dog on my chest". Again, fine. A year later two missed periods and then real irregularity. The chest pains and anxious feelings continue but I survive. I also get plagued with digestive issues and fatigue. Rest is almost always the key. I don't feel normal but am trying very hard to stay calm and work my way through this.

My family think I am silly -- I think I am silly -- but at the same time can be my own worst enemy in trying to be strong when I am not!

I pray and rest and yet it is currently the existence of my life to expect to not feel well at least two weeks out of every month. Not much fun -- but it could be worse:)

I have been using bioidentical progesterone for about 5 years and have been thinking that maybe it is time to discontinue...

Not a great story but it is my story:)

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