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Natural Menopause Relief
for Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Irritability...

Are you seeking natural menopause relief from menopausal symptoms, like

  • intense, relentless hot flashes
  • unbearable headaches or migraines
  • overwhelming fatigue or exhaustion, or
  • unpredictable mood swings and crying jags?

Or it could be any number of other surprising or confusing new menopause issues, but whichever it is, there's a good chance you can get relief from a natural menopause remedy.

For Fast Relief from Migraines/Headaches, Insomnia, Fatigue, Crying and Mood Swings, and (maybe) Hot Flashes

If you are estrogen-dominant, progesterone cream may be the perfect remedy for you. This is the first remedy I used for natural menopause relief, and it felt like magic, after all the suffering I had been doing (mostly because I didn't realize they were pre menopause symptoms!).

If you are in peri menopause, chances are you are low in progesterone, which is one way you end up in an estrogen-dominance situation. Progesterone levels decline in the years before menopause, well before estrogen levels decline. For more about progesterone cream as a remedy, or for information about bioidentical hormone therapy in general, see bioidentical progesterone or bioidentical hormone therapy. To find out if your symptoms match a low progesterone picture, see symptoms of low progesterone.

For Natural Menopause Relief from Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Insomnia, Fatigue, Irritability

For general hormone balance in one formula, there are two supplements I recommend: the first is a black cohosh formulation, called Remifemin, and has a very high success rate in treating hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. It is the form of black cohosh with the most clinical studies, and most of them find the majority of participants have substantial reductions in hot flashes. In addition, some women in some of the studies realized reduced night sweats, irritability, insomnia and fatigue.

Another excellent formulation for general relief of menopausal symptoms is Femmenessence, made from maca root. Although less well known than black cohosh, maca is also effective for many women in relieving hot flashes, fatigue and other menopause symptoms. Maca root also balances hormones and helps your body respond better to stress. There are many versions maca root on the market, but only two that I recommend. One is Royal Maca, distributed by Whole World Botanicals. This company offers a customer support line to help you feel the product isn't working for you, and if you want to return it, you may do that as well (see their Return Policy for details). You can read more about Royal Maca at maca menopause. The other product is Femmenessence. Like Remifemin, this brand has many clinical studies that prove it works.

If You Have this Problem, Your Menopause Symptoms Will Be More Intense and Harder to Eliminate

If you've tried some natural products for menopause relief and were disappointed, it may be due to a different problem that will keep you from healing until you fix that more fundamental problem. A good example of this is women with low thyroid problems. If you have this problem, you will have a much more difficult menopause (and I speak from experience). Even if you are already taking thyroid medication, even if you have had your TSH tested and are in the range of normal, you still may have a low thyroid problem. See thyroid and menopause for more about this.

Don't Forget Diet and Exercise Changes – The Most Powerful Strategies for Natural Menopause Relief

Although they may not work as quickly as progesterone cream or herbal remedies, improving your diet and (in most cases) increasing the amount of exercise you get are the most important changes you can make not just for freedom from menopausal symptoms, but for long-term health. My ideas about diet are different from what you may have heard elsewhere. I do not advocate low-fat foods or diets. Nutrient-dense diets are the most effective for health and weight control, and believe it or not, healthy fats contain nutrients that are critical for brain health, heart health and more. See menopause diets for more about a healthy diet for menopause.

Most of us do not get enough exercise, because most of us do not get any exercise.

Given that, even 10 minutes can raise your energy for two hours.

And 30 minutes a week can reduce depression by up to 12%. Thirty minutes a week! That's 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a week. No one can say there's not enough time for that.

And if you are worried about heart disease, or diabetes? More is better, say 30 minutes a week several days a week is better, but still – if you perform high intensity exercise for 3, 10 minute sessions per week, you can improve your insulin sensitivity up to 28%! That's a lot of improvement for 30 minutes a week. So get out your calendar, and make a commitment.

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