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Natural Remedies for Menopause - Superfoods
Increase Digestive Health, Balance Hormones, Reduce Inflammation

You can balance your hormones, ease hot flashes, insomnia, stress and more with natural remedies for menopause.


In traditional cultures, food eaten was very different from what we eat today.  Even food we may think of as natural is in all likelihood processed to the extent that it is practically unfit for consumption. Many people ate things as food that we think of today as exotic forms of alternative medicine, or disgusting beyond belief (insects such as termites, etc.)

Superfoods are foods that have highly concentrated forms of certain nutrients.  They can be used as natural remedies for menopause in place of or in addition to vitamin supplements to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Below are some superfoods for getting more minerals into your diet, supporting thyroid and liver function, balancing your hormones, helping with digestion, joint pain and more.

Acerola or Amla powder for whole food vitamin C

These are both fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C, along with other nutrients that synergize with vitamin C.  You need between 50 – 250mg per day depending on stress levels.  You can find acerola and amla in powder or tablet form.

Beet Kvass – for liver cleansing and increasing energy

A traditional fermented drink from Russia, it is good for digestion, liver supportive and relieves fatigue.  Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig, in Eat Fat, Lose Fat state that “We've had more positive testimonials about beet kvass than about any other beverage in our book Nourishing Traditions.” For instructions on how to make it, see this article at Nourished Kitchen.

Cod Liver oil – for essential fatty acids, vitamins A and D

Cod liver oil is one of the top natural remedies for menopause. Cod liver oil is very rich in vitamins A and D.  Most Americans are highly deficient in both of these vitamins.  Sufficient vitamin D is required for calcium absorption, and may protect against high blood pressure.  In addition, the standard American diet contains way too much Omega 6 and way too little Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  

This imbalance can lead to inflammation, high blood pressure and digestive and immune problems. Cod liver oil contains two types of Omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA.  Most Cod liver oil on the market is either rancid or does not contain enough vitamin A and D to give all of the health benefits.  Green Pastures is a high quality brand which you find at the bottom of this page.

Evening Primrose, Borage and Black Currant Oils

Another of the natural remedies for menopause, these oils contain GLA, another fatty acid. Deficiencies can come from eating hydrogenated oils (trans fats), aging or being diabetic.  Can help with high cholesterol, reduction in joint pain and stiffness, and PMS.  They can also help with liver function.  See evening primrose oil for more information.

Lacto-fermented foods for digestive health

Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut.  They help you absorb nutrients, reduce free radicals, and prevent intestinal infections.  They also manufacture some B vitamins and protect the walls of the intestine.

Bifidobacteria are affected by the foods you eat.  Antibiotics will kill off some of these bacteria.  They also need certain substances from the diet in order to thrive.  These substances are called fructooligosaccharides, or FOS for short.  These are found in onions, asparagus and bananas.

Traditional diets include many recipes for lacto-fermented foods and beverages.  The processes used to produce these foods keep them from spoiling as well as being beneficial for the gut and digestion. This is a more holistic way to get your probiotics.  The best sources are to make your own yogurt or sauerkraut.  There are detailed instructions in several books:  Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation are a couple of them.

Raw Milk

Raw milk has been used since Hippocrates for healing various illnesses, including tuberculosis. Pasteurization destroys enzymes required to digest milk, as well as nutrients required for calcium absorption.  Vitamin C is also lost during pasteurization.  For these reasons it one of the best natural remedies for menopause.

Many people who have reactions to pasteurized milk find that they go away when switching to raw milk.  It has been used to treat gastric ulcers, heart disease, diabetes and more.  See this Supplemental Report in Favor of Raw Milk by Drs. Douglass, Jr. and Aajonus Vonderplanitz.  To find sources for raw milk, visit www.realmilk.com.

Sea vegetables to support your thyroid and balance hormones

Seaweeds are outstanding natural remedies for menopause, because they contain many times more minerals than land plants.  Sufficient minerals are lacking in most western diets today.  Seaweeds contain iodine and so are beneficial to the thyroid, and can also help the body detoxify.  Sea vegetables include Dulse, hijiki, kelp, kombu, nori, wakame and arame.

Dulse is especially rich in iodine and manganese.  It can be used in soups and as a condiment.  

Hijiki is a good source of calcium and iron as well as iodine.  It can help balance blood sugar and support hormone functions.  

Arame can help with high blood pressure.  

Any of these vegetables consumed daily can help you to have a clear complexion and soft skin with less wrinkles.

Both kombu and kelp relieve hormone imbalances and support the thyroid.  They can also help reduce blood pressure.

Although it is best to eat seaweeds in their natural form, Kelp can be taken in supplement form, as powder, tablet or capsule form.  Take 3-5 grams daily to get your basic requirement for iodine.

If you are going to eat them, the best way is to add small amounts daily to your diet.  It may take some time for your body to adjust to eating them and gettting the full benefit, so it may take several weeks to a few months to see results.

Wheat germ oil for vitamin E may help with hot flashes

Vitamin E has been shown to be effective for heart disease, and hot flashes.  It is also a powerful antioxidant.  There have been many studies on vitamin E.  The study with  positive outcomes on heart disease used wheat germ oil as the source.  Synthetic vitamin E may not be beneficial as a supplement.  There are many compounds in natural vitamin E, often called mixed tocopherols.

For more natural remedies for menopause and herbal sources of superfoods,including stinging nettles, garlic and others, visit natural remedies for menopause.

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