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Do You Know the Difference Between Wild Yam Cream and Progesterone Cream?  

Wild yam cream is often confused with natural progesterone cream, because it is sold as if it has the benefits of progesterone in it.  Unless it has actual bioidentical progesterone (listed as USP Progesterone), it will not do what progesterone cream does.

Do You Know When to Use Wild Yam as an Extract?

Wild Yam Cream has been promoted as a natural cream that has the benefits of USP Progesterone – reducing hot flashes, insomnia, mood enhancement,and much more....

However, Wild Yam Cream is NOT Progesterone.

Wild yam does not have progesterone in it.

Your body cannot make progesterone from wild yam.

There are some Wild Yam Creams on the market that contain bioidentical progesterone (listed as USP progesterone).  But if there is no progesterone in the cream, it will not help you with menopausal symptoms the way that bioidentical progesterone cream does.

Wild Yam Extract, however can be very helpful.  So to be as clear as possible, we are talking about two very different substances – one is an extract (in either liquid or capsule form) from the roots of the Wild Yam plant (dioscorea v.), to be taken internally, and the other is a cream that may or may not have wild yam in it, but does contain USP progesterone in it – a hormone made in a laboratory, used topically.        

For exact dosage recommendations, see the bioidentical progesterone

Wild Yam Benefits

Wild yam is a strong anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory.  It works well for relieving chronic gas and flatulence.  It's also useful with abdominal or intestinal cramps.  It can reduce joint inflammation, and relieve arthritis symptoms.

Many herbalists agree that wild yam has a balancing effect on the reproductive system.

Side Effects of Wild Yam

Internal use of wild yam may cause upset stomach at high doses.

Wild Yam Preparations and Dosage

Tincture of the root.  You can take 30 – 90 drops up to 4 times per day.  The Chinese form can be used in tonic soups.

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